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About Us

Mark Olson

As a retired Electrical Engineer, Mark has developed unique services, tools & products based on his interest in old British sports cars, newer sports cars and cars & trucks in general.


Vintage Smiths and VDO Tachometers

This half of the web site is for vintage sports car enthusiasts with cars equipped with vintage Smiths (AKA Jaeger) or VDO tachometers.

If you want to learn more about these tachometers or learn how to get them repaired and/or calibrated. Click here.


Cool Stuff for Newer Sports Cars

This half of the web site is for people with newer cars or trucks that they want to modify.  We can make your Tremec T56 reverse lockout work like your car was made for it.  We can also help you to repurpose the buttons on your steering wheel.  We can help you delete your 4.6L Ford B head engine IMRCs without a new tune for your PCM.  We can also help you make your 94-04 Ford oil pressure gauge real.  And we have a lot of interesting background information on and tools for Mustangs and Fords in general. (And some other miscellaneous car and truck stuff.) 


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